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Bringing Natural Nutrition To Your Family Every Day

Join 1000’s of health-conscious families who consume Fair Dairy’s Milk, Ghee, Pro-biotic Yogurt to easily build a strong and healthy lifestyle for them and for their families. 

Fair Dairy Ecosystem is designed to bring Nutritious and Natural Dairy Products to Health Conscious Families.


Yes, Fair Dairy Ecosystem was created so that Health Conscious people like you, who aren’t sure where to procure natural food from can easily get natural dairy products at their doorstep at a click of a button.


Milk is chilled immediately after milking.

Milk is pasteurized at our own pasteurizing plant.

All  Milking is done safely and hygienically with automatic machines, untouched by hand.

Fair Dairy grows nutritious fodder at its own farms (so Cow’s get the best fodder)

Fair Dairy breeds the best quality Cow Herds, kept in a hygienic & comfortable environment.

Fresh Milk is shipped in a temperature-controlled cold chain from our plant to the delivery center and to your doorstep before 7 AM by our Delivery team.

What’s the Fair Dairy Ecosystem?

 What Exactly is the Difference between Fair Dairy’s milk service   and other services?
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    Let's see how it works:


YES! I Want To Build Health, Energy, Stamina And Immunity Instantly.